About Us

COVSS, it's a verification/evaluation unit, with the infrastructure, technology, training and experience necessary to evaluate the quality and detection of compliance levels based on current regulations of the dependence before which we are authorized as well as through knowledge and quality in the service, with the determined tendency to be an organism of excellence, which sets the standard at the national level as an example to follow in the field of its competence, counting on a professional team that is characterized by its preparation and human development, committed to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.


We are a company in charge of verifying the level of compliance with the applicable and current legislation of the area of supplies for health and evaluation by qualified, authorized personnel with extensive experience in the field of application, “With quality, safety and responsibility at the service of customers”.


Be the leader Authorized Third Party, providing a service of wide reliability and validated by the competent authority. To achieve the trust and durability of our clients, leaving a high degree of excellence and satisfaction in our attention and assistance.

Why work with COVSS?

  • We are the first Authorized Third Party in Mexico, with more than 14 years of experience as a verification unit.
  • Operating staff with more than 30 years in the Secretariat of Health(COFEPRIS).
  • We have qualified staff with extensive experience, with whom you can talk in a 100% professional environment.
  • We establish necessary agreements in our services where the "customer focus" prevails, providing personalized attention for any technical or administrative clarification by scheduled appointment (face-to-face, email or a call).
  • The response by COFEPRIS is streamlined, upon entry of its procedure by specialized lane for Authorized Third Parties, obtaining great time savings.
  • For sampling and release of import products, it is done within a maximum of 48 hours after receiving the requested service.
  • It will be done in the shortest possible time the initial review of the information provided in the dossier for its evaluation.
  • To obtain the analysis certificate for export products, it is done within a maximum of 48 hours after receiving the requested service.

Let's work together!

At COVSS we can offer our clients a harmonized, confidential, impartial and independent service,
of quality and immediate attention for the items authorized national and internationally for the Sanitary Verification Consultancy service.

We put the experience of our staff at your service.


We prop up you in the development of new projects
in the pharmaceutical and food industry.


At COVSS we fulfill with the security systems established by the Health Authority (COFEPRIS).


We have extensive facilities for the attention of our clients in our different areas:

Reception of procedures

Quality Management

Verification and Sampling

Security Vault

Chemical Dictamination


Medical Dictamination


Security Vault

To guarantee the protection of the information of our clients with controlled access through fingerprint and passwords.


Continuous closed circuit 24/7
in all areas.


Alarm system monitored
24 hours a day,
365 days a week.


How can we help you?

  • Address:

    Sinaloa No.19, Despacho 201

    Colonia Roma Norte, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc

    Ciudad de México, C.P. 06700

  • Phone numbers:

    55-5207-2166 || 55-5533-9808

    55-9130-7835 || 55-9130-7836

  • Email: